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Anzovin Breakdown Tool

Anzovin Breakdown Tool

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A "pose-to-pose" approach to animation has become the best method to animate emotive CG characters, as CG animators learn to adapt technique from the rich history of traditional animation. Our Breakdown Tool is an animation plug-in for Maya that provides unique functionality for creating new "breakdown" poses in between the character's key poses, making pose-to-pose workflows fast and fluid. Unlike other breakdown toolsets, Anzovin Breakdown Tool provides a live preview of your character as you work. It also completely avoids pesky gimble problems, using naturalistic quaternion interpretation instead of a harsh linear average. And it allows you to use the same interface to tweak existing poses as well as generate new ones. ABT allows animators to dominate their tweening workflow.


  • Live previews of resulting poses

  • True quaternion interpolation

  • Ability to adjust existing poses

  • Customizable breakdown sets

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